Recharge yourself in one of our 4 country chic suites or apartments, with a vista that will inspire the artist within.  Take the plunge in our twenty meter pool, admire the buzzing bees as they gather pollen for our honey in the lavender bushes which surrounds you.  Enjoy farm to table food and company on the terrace restaurant under the stars as fireflies dance by.  

Energize yourself by walking down La via Romea pilgrimage trail, which cuts through our property, as many pilgrims have done for hundreds of years. 

Satisfy yourself by joining a gastronomic tour, which enables you to see first hand how the local food products are made and learn to cook with them in the kitchen.

Intensify yourself by skiing or mountain biking down nearby Mt. Cimone (2200m) or take a drive in a Ferrari.

Restore yourself in our Italian country resort, where enjoyment in life's simple pleasures in a relaxed atmosphere are our priorities.   


Your hosts,

 Charlotte & Luca